Magic Mushrooms

The Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

Often, people seem to believe that there are not different types of magic mushrooms. It’s common knowledge for magic mushrooms to be viewed as just one, independent type. However, this is not the case.

There are various types of magic mushrooms, you just need to know about them. Thankfully, we are going to talk about this today!

Most Common Types of Magic Mushrooms

Cambodian Mushrooms

Cambodian mushrooms tend to be far more potent than other strains; so much so that they can bring about visual distortions. Because of this, they are a popular choice in shroom shops.

This type of magic mushroom is pretty easy to grow too. If you haven’t ventured into the mushroom-growing world as of yet, the Cambodian strain is a great place to start.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher used to rule the roost in the psychedelic realm due to its huge harvest and eye-popping effects. It is said that a Golden Teacher trip will bring insightful, profound thought processes and ultimately, change your life.

Visually, they have a reddish hue to them that makes them stand out from the crowd. Although, in recent years it has been near on impossible to find the original strain.

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Thai Mushrooms

These types of magic mushrooms are known for inciting an intense, creative boost to the user. At times, this has turned into a variety of visual hallucinations for some people.

If you haven’t taken care of mushrooms before, these can help you gain experience quickly and easily since they are extremely productive. Even though they are simple to grow, the potency is very strong so beginners should be mindful of actually using them.

Mexican Mushrooms

Typically, this type of magic mushroom will be grown since it attracts beginners. Why? Because of the softer potency and therefore, milder psychedelic effects. It is a brilliant gateway into the magical world of mushrooms.

However, sometimes the trip can be more intense, depending on how large your dose is. Just some food for thought!

While there are other types of magic mushrooms, these are the varieties you are most likely to dabble with (especially in the beginning).


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