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Best Way to Take Shrooms – Our Top 3 Picks

Although you can eat shrooms completely raw, you probably aren’t going to like the taste (it’s nasty, and the texture isn’t particularly great either). So, we have compiled the best ways to take shrooms and divulged our secrets to you here.

Best Ways to Take Shrooms

Shroom Tea

Shroom tea is incredibly simple to make and will enhance the flavour of your magic mushrooms.

You can easily whip it up at home by clicking here and following our recipe. It won’t take long and will create an all-round pleasant experience for you.

Mix them Into Other Dishes

If you add them to your favourite dish, you are on to a winner! Just finely chop them then mix or scatter them into whatever type of food you want.

You will find that people tend to do this with pizza or pasta but there is no stopping you from mixing up a gourmet, unique dish. However, if this feels like far too much preparation, scoff a load of rice crackers with them to mask the taste.

Of course, make sure you clean your magic mushrooms first otherwise this is not the best ways to take shrooms. Bacteria will spread like wildfire if you don’t and we can’t imagine why you would want!

Shroom Chocolates or Sweets

Again, you will need to chop up your magic mushrooms to try this best way to take shrooms.

Avid fans tend to enjoy putting bits of them into chocolates and toffees to completely get rid of the awful taste. But you can also pop them into cupcakes, cookies or shortbread (anything that needs baking really).

Just bear in mind that temperatures above 190 degrees Fahrenheit will affect the potency. To avoid this, attempt a no-bake recipe so you don’t find yourself dealing with weak mushrooms. Like before, this would not be one of the best ways to take shrooms otherwise.

While there are more forms of consuming magic mushrooms, we wanted to give you our three best ways to take shrooms to narrow down your search. Happy (safe) tripping!

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